Dave’s Diner

Dave’s Diner happens from 5pm on Friday nights at Macmillans. It a fun, family-friendly affair, and booking is recommended. Check the Facebook page for diner nights, and phone to book.

Chef Dave, well he likes the whole 50’s vibe. If he could have a 50’s convertable, we all know it would be parked right outside Macmillans.

Instead Dave has reimagined a 1950’s diner experience with juicy Aberdeen Angus burgers bursting with flavour. Sit-in or Takeaway: Aberdeen Angus burgers served with homemade chips and beer battered onion rings.

There are also chicken, fish and veggie alternatives available.

The view of the mountains is amazing. Lovely friendly staff and the food. I have had the breakfast (only just managed to eat it all, but I had to it was so nice.) The burgers on Dave’s Diner are filling and are not fast food, a proper butcher style burger, plenty of meat. Bistro night was special and the food absolutely stunning. If you are in the area you have to visit. I would strongly recommend Dave’s diner and the bistro nights for that something a little more special.